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Visiting the Cousins in Texas

This is what I enjoyed most about being in Texas:
Halloween – it was dark when we did trick or treating. Some people in the houses that we visited actually did tricks, like leaving a candy bowl with only one sweet in it.
Playing with my cousin Beckett and his friends down the street – Ruby and Emma. We played in Rubies garden. We played Jackpot which we played with a big exercise ball.
Going to the stockyards in Fort Worth. I went for a horse ride and tried buffalo wings for lunch. Beckett tried the mechanical bull ride and it was funny seeing him going backwards and forwards trying to stay on.




Kennedy Space Center

You can make these coins in a machine and you can make ones with different pictures by turning a wheel

Here I am out side of NASA

Look how big this rocket is and that is only part of

We stod outside in the heat to see a rocket launch it was very quiet comperd to what I thought it was gointo be

Disney Hollywood Studios

Today we went to Disney Hollywood studios we saw

The great movie ride
The person that was talking was very loud she was shouting into the microphone but every thing else was good because it was made with
Robotics Puppets that moved when our open train went past.

Indiana jones stunt show
This looks like it started in South America. Indiana had to dodge spiders that came up from the ground. Then Indiana had to run down a ramp so the Boulder didn’t get him. Then we realised that they were filming the scene and that it wasn’t real. Someone said cut and the scene changed. They had big trucks moving the scenes. Then it were buildings and lots of outdoor stores in a market, like somewhere in Egypt. They were doing stunts jumping off buildings. One of the Indiana Jones characters jumped off a building and twisted his knee. Then they got a new Indiana Jones and that showed us how many backups there were. (This wasn’t part of the show – I know this because I watched it twice because it was so good.)
There was this truck that was speeding around and it caught on fire and that was part of the show.
Scene 3 – this plane came in and it looked like the propellers chopped up this man, he disappeared in the smoke.

Car stunt show
The red car was trying to get out of town with a special envelope but about 8 black cars were stopping it, by doing car stunts going in front of it and going behind it. The main thing I remember is the water in a canal at the front of the stage catching on fire. This works because there are gas pipes in the water that bubble gas up to the surface, then they catch on fire.

The frozen sing along
This was funny because these royal people that were telling the story, and the man couldn’t get Christoff’s name right he kept on calling him crispy cream . Because Elsa has powers and can turn things into ice he kept on calling Elsa an Ice Monster. There was fake snow that fell at the end that smelt terrible. My mum thinks it looked pretty.

Fantastic firework show

Down Town Disney

We are driving to Down Town Disney where all the shops are.


We are in the Lego shop with the Lego statue of Buzz and Woody from Toy Story.


Here I am with Hulk.


This is me with Olivia from Lego Friends.


Outside the lego shop were a number of lego scenes and statues here are my favorites.


After lots of walking and sore feet, it is finally time for an icecream.

IMG_2225 IMG_2256 IMG_2243 IMG_2241 IMG_2235 IMG_2228

Orlando – Our hotel room

We had to wake up at 4:50 together on the plane. When I looked out the window it was black. I thought it was night time. When we got on the plane we were greeted with the most beautiful sunrise. It is Friday but for you it is Saturday. We are going to Orlando Florida where all the worlds, like sea world are. We have been flying over deserts for 2 hours.
This is our hotel room in Orlando

Flying to the USA

We are at Sydney airport, it is Thursday today.
We are at Sydney airport, it is Thursday today.
We are having lunch on the plane.
We are having lunch on the plane.
This is our plane from New Zealand to San Francisco
This is our plane from New Zealand to San Francisco
This is the sunrise from the plane window near the Equator
This is the sunrise from the plane window near the Equator


It tool forever I was so scared. I thought we would miss the plane. we were walking all over the place to find our plane.